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I think the candy you may be talking about is ramune?! Looked like a fun outing.


Yup, he's a genius alright.


Yeah Kat, that's what it's called here, but we have it in Canada too. Now it's really bugging me...

Thanks David!


In Canada we call them Rockets. (at least I hope that is what you are talking about) They come in a roll, with a bunch of other pastel colours.
I think they are what the States call smarties.
Which true Canadians know are really chocolate!

Jamie Matsuoka

the ones my kids found in their Easter eggs, here in the suburbs of Chicago, say "Sweet Tarts" on them. jealous of the Easter egg/sakura combo, we only have the former and I'd rather be near the latter any day!


le sac avec le lapin est top classe!

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